Wednesday, February 14, 2007

After All - Sheryn Regis

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Title:After All
Album: The Modern Jukebox Collection - Sheryn Regis
Artist: Sheryn Regis

The moon makes ribbons to surround you
Within the robe of dark around you
I see goodbye
A blade that cuts me from your eyes
I wonder why

It’s time for honesty and answers
Love is the song we are the dancers
A broken pair we spin alone
And wonder where the touch has gone

After all this time
After all we’ve been through
Is this all that we have
No, we still have time
To find each other after all

I touch your face and feel you crying
Are all the words we’ve msaid been lies
We’ll never leave the place where hearts
Alone receive what love believes

[repeat Chorus]

Within the deepest darkness
The seed of morning waits to grow
The sun will come this much I know

[Chorus 2]
After all this time
After all we’ve been through
If we hold on to love just
One more night
We’ll find forever after all

[repeat Chorus 2]

Songs Lyrics >> S >> Sheryn Regis >>

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