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Fool 'Till The End - Gary Valenciano

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Title: Fool 'Till The End
Artist: Gary Valenciano

Before you go away, to the one you do belong
So glad we met and you stayed, though it wasn't very long
Was it only just a dream, it'a over now it seems

If there were no goodbyes, would you say that you still care
I won't believe my eyes, when I see you won't be there
Coz' this love so hard to find, now you're leavin' me behind
Ohh please...

Show me and tell me, how do you put this love aside
And put it away for another time, with no guarantee that you'll be mine...
A fool I am it seems, coz' i'll be lovin' you in my drems
Until I wake up and I find out that time ain't our friend
You know i'll just stay o fool till the end...
(till the end i'd be a fool)
(till I find it's me and you)

If it only was a game, why'd you have to fool my heaatr
Oh girl ain't it a shame, that we promised from the start
That our love was here to stay, for each and everydey

If I had only known, and if I didn't have to care
Then being all alone, it wouldn't be so hard to bear
This love so hard to find, that were leavin' here behind
Ohh please...

(Repeat Refrain)

I maybe overacting, I know I must stay strong
But you pulled the strings too hard, and now we're goin' on our own...

(Repeat Refrain)

Till the end...
You know i'll just stay a fool...
Till the end...

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SELaplana >> Songs Lyrics >> G >> Gary Valenciano >>

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